“We couldn’t have wished to find a more knowledgeable, professional, and inspirational ambassador for people affected by dementia!”

Rebecca is an inspiring person to work with – her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and she leaves people feeling uplifted and positive! She has worked relentlessly to put dementia on the map by forging relationships with influential people, understanding what matters to them, and keeping her promises.

Rebecca volunteered with Alzheimer’s Society as a Local Representative during 2017 and 2018, during which time she forged relationships which will bear fruit for people living with dementia for years to come. Rebecca worked with a wide range of people, such as BAME community leaders, high-value donors, and senior health and social care professionals. Rebecca was also a part of our management team, in which capacity she helped to define and deliver our business plan – particularly with regard to growing the number of people who we support.

ceo warrens


“Rebecca has such enthusiasm and compassion and by doing so has increased awareness and understanding for so many people.”

The impact has been profound both for those that have benefited from her knowledge and training as well as those that live with the condition. Having worked with and been trained by Rebecca I feel more confident about dementia and mental health.


“Rebecca is a delight, a truly wonderful and remarkable young person and a brilliant spokesperson for Dementia Associations. Rebecca clearly has a zeal for the subject and her enthusiasm is intoxicating.”  

I have been unfortunate to have family and friends who have experienced dementia and I was aware of some of the symptoms and consequences of the disease.

Rebecca, in her own time at work, gave a presentation to her co-workers on the subject where I was able to gather a better understanding of this terrible disease.

Rebecca outlined and explained in-depth Dementia in a way that was both educational and enlightening, enabling even a layperson with no knowledge of the disease to understand the many levels, not only from the person with dementia’s point of view but also from the families of those affected. Her presentation held the audience’s attention throughout and prompted many of those present, including myself to seek more facts.



“It is rare you come across standout passion and talent like Rebecca.”

I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca over several years delivering services and support to older people in a housing and care setting.

Rebecca always dealt and delivered even the most challenging projects effortlessly, with a determination and passion that is a joy to be around.

Rebecca delivered an organisational training programme and I was impressed to witness her ability to turn the non-believers into ‘raving fans.’ Always working with respect and focusing on outcomes for clients, she also made sure our team was motivated, having fun and always smiling.

Rebecca’s enthusiasm is contagious and I look forward to working together again!


“I feel incredibly privileged to have come to know Rebecca at this time in her life. She is one of the most inspiring people I have met in a long time – a person transforming deeply difficult personal experiences into healing and guidance for others is a quality so rare that sometimes you almost don’t recognise it when it’s someone so bubbly and funny. But Rebecca is this person!”

She has such passion for her work, for boosting the voices of those who are so rarely heard, and most importantly, such passion for helping others. Not only has Rebecca’s factual advice about Dementia and mental health been invaluable, but during a time of personal need when a close family member was experiencing an incredibly difficult mental health crisis, which was scary not just for them but for me too, Rebecca was the person I turned to out of everyone I know, not just for advice but for support. I knew she would listen without judgment, understand, empathise, and help. I am very grateful. I feel strongly about supporting her career and amplifying her work and voice as I know she’ll make great changes in the world!    

derek fisher


“Rebecca was and is a total credit to the Alzheimer’s Society and is a goldmine of information and has empathy galore. A real asset and a treasure.”

I had the great honour of being present at Rebecca’s presentation on life after a diagnosis of dementia. The talk was given at The Alzheimer’s Show at Kensington Olympia.

Rebecca was calm and totally relaxed throughout and she came across like she had been giving live presentations to an audience for years. Her voice was just at the right pitch and she maintained good eye contact with the audience the entire time. She spoke most eloquently on dementia and her passion for the topic shone through.

She engaged with the audience very well and took and replied to questions with ease.


“There is no greater testament to Rebecca than the smile you see on the faces of everyone she has met. This certainly holds true in the great work she has already done tackling dementia and mental health, both in theory and in practice.”

Rebecca’s professionalism is matched by her caring, empathetic and dedicated manner, honouring and respecting the dignity of every single person that has asked for her support. Coupled with her truly brilliant leadership and teaching skills, when conducting dementia and mental health workshops across the charity and private sector.

I can give no greater endorsement to Rebecca as a leader in dementia and mental health care, who will undoubtedly receive all the acclaims she deserves in this profession.


“Rebecca also has a broad understanding of wider mental health issues and has provided me with some really useful advice on how to assist others who may be struggling with their mental health, so that I felt much better equipped to support someone who needed a listening ear.”

I attended a lunchtime workshop that Rebecca ran on living with dementia and it was really enlightening. Her knowledge and passion shone through in her presentation, and I found her explanations of the condition and its impact very clear and powerful.

My previous limited experience of a relative with dementia had been frightening when I was a child, and Rebecca completely reset my perspective on dementia to help me to understand how those with the diagnosis can ‘live with’ rather than purely ‘suffer from’ dementia.

J stocks 2


“Rebecca has natural charisma and enthusiasm and is clearly an emerging thought leader in this field with an untold amount of knowledge. She is an inspiration for people living with dementia.”

We were fortunate enough to have Rebecca deliver a really thought provoking and engaging presentation about Dementia.

In 45 minutes I felt I went from being a novice to feeling much more confident about understanding the symptoms and its effects. I subsequently found myself having conversations with friends and family afterwards about their experiences of dementia, and I even felt like I was at times, a guru, such was the information I was able to take in.