What it’s like to care for a parent

I was about 20 when I felt the full-force of supporting my mum. It wasn’t unexpected … in my late teens she used to call me a lot … some friends would comment “Is it your mum AGAIN?!” and yes it was.

She needed me. She needed to hear my voice, she needed my reassurance, my support and me to listen to her hourly struggles in order to decipher a world she has never truly felt part of.

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Do you know you’re a carer?

Wow I’m a carer?! My immediate thought is that I’m going to use it as my new strapline. Actually on second thoughts I think I’ll go for carer/ superhero – I mean who doesn’t want to be a superhero after all 🙂

What is a carer?

I had personally never ever considered this title. My perception of a carer was for those people who supported the physical needs of others.

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Hospital appointments: Tips for Carers

Apologies to start this with a feast full of negativity … but I look at a hospital visit that I experienced with my loved one with ill mental health this year as a particularly tough experience.

Being shouted and sworn at, told how horrible I was (for trying to help) and over 30 people in a busy waiting room staring at me was probably not one of my life highlights … and actually I understand it ALL!

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