Supporting a loved one with dementia

If your loved one has recently received a diagnosis of dementia, it can present a whole range of feelings for both them and you. It is completely ok and natural to feel an array of emotions – from anger, tearfulness, frustration, sadness, guilt, loss and fear.  These are common reactions and it would be good to try and ensure you give yourself time to manage these feelings.

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What it’s like to care for a parent

I was about 20 when I felt the full-force of supporting my mum. It wasn’t unexpected … in my late teens she used to call me a lot … some friends would comment “Is it your mum AGAIN?!” and yes it was.

She needed me. She needed to hear my voice, she needed my reassurance, my support and me to listen to her hourly struggles in order to decipher a world she has never truly felt part of.

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Please stop staring at my mum when she has a tantrum!

What comes to mind when I use the word ‘tantrum’? Is it of a child stomping their feet because they want ice cream for breakfast and are being told to eat their porridge instead…or is it of a toddler in a supermarket who really wants that amazing, fun, best-thing-ever toy, which of course their life will not be the same without and is being told they cannot have it…OR is it of an adult who stands in a busy shopping centre desperately screeching and hitting their head because the shop they have visited does not sell the brand of washing powder that they use.
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