Suicide is not selfish!

More often than not, I hear that suicide is selfish…I personally couldn’t disagree more!

Suicide is a decision made out of desperation, isolation and hopelessness. The black hole that is clinical depression or complete emotional turmoil becomes all-consuming. Feeling like a burden to loved ones, feeling like there is no way out and feeling completely trapped are all common thoughts among people who want their lives to end.

That’s not to say that all individuals who take their own lives are clinically depressed but deep sadness, hopelessness and suicidal thoughts are prominent symptoms of depression.

When people say that suicide is selfish, it is usually in reference to the survivors. And when I say survivors I refer to those who experience the loss of a loved one from taking their own life.

It’s selfish to leave loved ones behind. They’re not thinking about them, they’re only thinking of themselves, some people say.

But really loved ones are the reason many people try to hold on for just one more day. I truly believe they do think about the survivors but the devastating despair leaves individuals feeling like there is no alternative. My one wish is that no one would ever feel that amount of distress but sadly, they do.

Until you’ve seen someone in a deep bottomless pit of despair or have stared down that level of depression where you’ve lost your soul to a cloud of darkness…that judgement should not be made.

It can be so difficult to understand but declaring suicide as a selfish act really won’t help. It can actually stop people from talking about their feelings of distress.

I have often heard how can people like Robin Williams or Gary Speed take their own lives when they appeared to have everything and seemed happy and normal (not a fan of this word … I mean what’s ‘normal’ anyway?!) but depression is an illness, like all others…! And it is the very same struggle that people can feel each and every day. Sadly some will take their own lives, some will attempt it and some will hold on for dear life. Worst of all, most won’t be able to ask for the help that they need to overcome their suicidal feelings.

This is why we need to talk and talk and TALK about suicide and mental illness!

x Rebecca x

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